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Jack Ashley & Sean Taylor

Jack has been waiting out in the sun for someone to come along and make use of him. Chav boy Sean is the lucky one to find him first, sucking and waking the boys uncut dick, feeding him his own massive cock and drenching the bound boy in piss too! With both needing to bust their loads Sean wanks the cream out of his captive before taking up position to shoot his semen out in Jack’s face!

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Doggy Alec Loob Trained by Two Brutal XL Macho Fuckers

Rough ride for petit, good-looking twink Alec Loob! On a leash and in his dogcollar for his training with brutal machos Josh Milk and Dmitri Osten, he learns that a helpless puppy’s first duty is to behave. Slaps and spit are just a couple of the training methods that Alec has to put up with. Afterwards he’s tied up and pissed before the tattooed blokes take turns fucking him deep until they spray him with sperm!

Cast: Josh Milk, Dmitri Osten, Alec Loob

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Casey & Zack

Casey Wood and Zack Randall are two huge piss lovers and putting them together in a photo shoot was a true success! Between their huge cocks, love of sucking cock and cum and piss, these boys put on one hell of a scene! Zack is the first to get down on his knees, sucking Casey’s big dick before taking a cum facial. Then Casey returns the favor before both boys piss all over the place!

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Alexander Greene & Bobby Hart

19 inches of cock between these two! Bobby Hart and Alexander Greene pull out their gigantic cocks and take turns drinking each other’s piss and sucking each other’s throbbing cocks! Bobby bends Alexander over and plows his hole with his massive dick and Alexander moans with every thrust! Super soaked, super hung piss fucking!

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Brutal Tops Master Dale

Introducing to BrutalTops hot new Master Dale who here teams up with snarling Master Yuris to dish out mistreatment to this pathetic worm of a sub.

The suited tops find their sub naked in the toilet, awaiting the damage on it’s way. The sub is ordered to strip the tops nude and lick clean their filthy feet. Excited Dale then rams a dildo into the sub’s mouth and causes him to ream before he has to lick clean the disgusting urinal.

A dildo mounted on a board is then produced and the sub has to sit on it as the tops take it in turns to piss all over him. With a sub covered in urine, the two vicious Masters get very excited and ram their meaty dicks deep into his mouth. Phew – this is one of Brutal Top’s horniest ever sessions!

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Sam Barclay and Jace Tyler

Sam and Jace Square up to each other on top of the play tyres. They size each other up, explore their muscular bodies and grab hold of the gear. Looking like pristine jock boys they can’t wait to messy up their kit and get piss dirty with each other! They release their hard dicks and have a meaty sword fight before Sam decides he wants it in his mouth. Licking around his low hanging balls and enjoying the lot. Jace reciprocates, sucking sam off like he wants what’s inside… And I don’t just mean cum!

Sam opens the flood gates and pisses all over Jace and his gear, his tight body glistening with dewy yellow beads, the gear getting soaked through. Tables turn and Jace gets up high over Sam and unleashes a torrent of piss over him. Wet and wanking Sam is fucking loving it! Flipping him onto his back Jace soaks Sams arse, peels off the wet shorts and soaks his hole before he fucks him. Slapping the pooled piss on Sams abs making it splash everywhere while they fuck.

Sam has more to give, while taking a hard shagging he continues to empty the tank and pees all over them both. What a wet, wild ride!!

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