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In the woods with Sqwirm

Too much sitting down isn’t good for a pup. So this time Sqwirm is made to stand up while I tie him between two trees, whilst I torment and tease him. Just a little way into this session the photographer notices the lady on horseback watching us and mentions it. Of course that spooked Sqwirm so I had to release him and let him get dressed until the lady moved off.

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slave 17b and Waggy at Bonderosa

With a set of Master Alex’s stocks tied to the rear of my vannette and another set tied to slave 17b’s van, slave 17b was laid on the ground then fitted to both sets of stocks. This was about the most effective torture rack that anyone can get. As soon as he was secure in the stocks, the handbrake of his van was released allowing the van to roll down hill slightly although we were careful not to let it roll to far! After all, I didn’t want to tear limbs from his torso. Just make sure he felt at full stretch.

Waggy had his playmate in a vulnerable position once again and wasted no time in getting to work tormenting and teasing him again. Then eventually allowed him to cum

Another album added to the galleries of the totally free site bound4play.co.uk

My Friends Feet


Adorable Matthew came back for another round of tickling. The incentive for this tickle table torment shoot came out of Matthew stating that getting tickled by another guy would be much worse than getting tickled by a woman. How about two men though?! Yep, Dev and I weren’t going to let the opportunity of driving gorgeous Matthew right around the bend with some bound, tickle torture. We tormented every part of his body from his armpits, to his ribs and down to his size 10 feet. Matthew is SO damn ticklish!

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Tickled Hard


Friendly grad student Lucky hasn’t been over-the-top tickled since his brother tickled him when they were kids. He’s especially ticklish on his beautiful size 11 1/2 feet…

Caesar Bellacotti’s Feet

Caesar Bellacotti is ticklish all over his body, but nowhere more than on his size 9 1/2 feet. Using a variety of implements, Franco tickle tortures the hell out him…

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My Friends Feet: Matthew

The first time saw gorgeous hunk Matthew and his size 10 feet I knew I was going to do my best to get him onto the MFF tickle table. It was tough though because he didn’t want to be tickled by a guy. Once I saw how ticklish he was from his video on TicklishGuys.com I redoubled my efforts. My persistence paid off, finally, as Matthew indeed ended up in bondage on the table. Once he was thoroughly strapped in Dev and I teased his dressed socked feet before taking them off and working his bare feet. He is outrageously ticklish and outrageously gorgeous.

At one point I was straddling Matthew, tickling his ribs as Dev tormented his feet. Talk about going wild! Matthew turned out to be MORE ticklish than Dev and I thought with everyone having a total blast by the time all was said and done! Except Matthew.

The pictures and a video has been added to my totally free site Bound4play.co.uk

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Tickled Hard Caesar Bellacotti

Caesar follows Franco’s instructions to remove his clothes and stand next to the tickling table. Franco wraps four duct tape bonds around the former gymnast and cheerleader, then picks him up and dumps him on the table. Caesar is so ticklish that even pouring lube into his armpits makes him laugh. Franco adds some ropes and wrist cuffs before tickling Caesar hardcore in his armpits and on his stomach. He tickles his ribs and pits some more, then takes off Caesar’s size 9 shoes and tickles his feet through his athletic ankle socks. It officially becomes tickle torture when the socks come off and Franco tickles Caesar’s bare feet with a soap saver and various brushes. At last, Franco release’s Caesar’s hands so he can jack off while he fucks Caesar’s mouth with his giant cock.

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Tickled Hard – Joseph

Franco and Bronson shrink wrap super-ticklish Joseph to a massage table and cuff his hands and feet. Since Franco already knows Joseph’s most ticklish spots, he shows a few to Bronson to get him started then lets him explore. Bronson’s good, but Franco shows him how it’s done, causing Joseph to go red in the face with hysterical laughter. Bronson is up again, tickling Joseph deep in his armpits and ribs, as well as in his hips and groin. Screeching like an animal, Joseph’s body turns pink as both guys tickle him good and hard. Speaking of hard, this double-tickling has definitely gotten Joseph excited! They jack and tickle him at the same time, totally confusing his senses and filling his balls with fresh cum. At last, Franco releases one of Joseph’s hands so he can relieve himself, and he shoots a huge fountain of cum. He even hits Bronson in the face and neck. The tickling continues with the guys dog-piling on Joseph’s legs to expose his ticklish pelvis, but it’s so much pressure that the table breaks! Of course, that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Franco and Bronson just keep tickling Joseph on the floor, while he’s still wrapped to the broken table. They take off his size 9 1/2 sneakers and tickle his bare feet with hairbrushes, then finish with a wailing double-tickle of his armpits.

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Chase Lachance is a very good pal of mine and with that friendship comes an ability to completely let go and let someone take him over. He let me tie him up and tickle his gorgeous, hairy body until he was going insane in this shoot. For those into hairy bodies, tattoos and beards, Chase is the man to check out. And he’s SO ticklish that I can hardly handle not driving him right around the bend. And I certainly did that in this video!

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Bryce Evans

Bryce Evans came back to MyFriendsFeet in order to be tied to the tickle chair and get tickle tortured until he was squirming all over the place. Bryce is always welcome at MFF and with that killer body of his it sure makes for a great time. Bryce looks so good as his big feet are bound in stocks while they were tickled with electric tooth brushes and hair brushes. The gay porn star went crazy!

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