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Boynapped – Luke Tyler And Ashton Bradley

Fit and sexy Luke is back, once again captive and restrained, up against the cross with his naked uncut cock rock solid and pointing skyward. Ashton can’t wait to make the boy cum, but he’s going to take his time, edging Luke’s rock hard dick, coating him in painful molten wax, working his sensitive cock until his cum is spewing out in arcing squirts!

You can find the pictures and a video clip from this set in the buddy’s area of Bound4play.co.uk

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Reece Bentley and Deacon Hunter

The long uncut cock Reece has already hard and on show is something horny Deacon can’t ignore when he arrives to find the boy tied down and suspended by chains. His toes get some licking, his cock gets a good stroke and suck, then it’s time for Deacon to torture the boy with hot wax! Reece’s big dick can’t go floppy though, not with Deacon edging him as he climbs up and feeds him his own stiff inches, before draining that stiff shaft and splashing his own load out over him!

You can find the pictures from this album on our site at Bound4play.co.uk

Or click on this link to find the video