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Boynapped – Jonny Pistol & Sebastian Kane

Sweet and smooth young Jonny needs to be taught who’s boss, and you know the best one for that is master Sebastian! The boy is naked and hanging in the new rope cage, his arms taped down to his sides and his cock soon standing to attention as he swings back and forth. Horny master Sebastian makes us all jealous as he obscures the boys sight, wanking and sucking on that gorgeous young dick, pleasuring the blindfolded boy with the help of a massager until those slippery hands are making him fire off his hot messy cum in arcs of youthful juice! After being drained of his jizz he’s left hanging, probably for one of the other boys to use!

For more pictures and a video of these scenes check out our playroom

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Pup Dynamo in Bum Ring!

Over the last few weeks I’ve trained Pup Dynamo to take spankings with several different implements.

Yesterday I came across some old pictures and persuaded the pup to be the star in a rehash of an old idea.

The first pictures shows his 21 year old arse exposed and waiting for the fun to begin

Then the pegs are added and the pup is spanked. The pegs are removed exposing a neat line where the pegs were used, An unmarked area of white skin that gives way to the red spanked flesh in the centre,




Blast from the past.

Already this year I’ve been contacted by several guys from the past. Grunter is now a dom, but hoping to visit soon so I can remind him again of the things he endured.

This Easter weekend had already been quite eventful. So imagine my surprise when the phone went and Humper was on the other end. So we had a good chat and caught up on the gossip then I decided he should get his reward for staying away for so long. A while ago I bought a new paddle that I just know is going to be a hard hitter. But haven’t seen the right  sort of sub to try it out on until today.

The pictures show the results

hump1 hump2 hump3