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Rough and Raw

Careless toy boy Casper Ellis wanders around in the wrong part of town
looking for a free smoke but
everything has a price…
He wakes up in a confused state, chained with nothing on, and no way to escape from his bonds.
He finds himself in a dungeon filled with lots of devious toys which all belong to the merciless master
Claude Nikotine, to whom the shrieks of a helpless subject sound like music.
is kept on edge and gets tortured for hours to become the most willing slave boy Claude could
possibly wish for.
After a long night that fades away as if it were just a nightmare, casper wakes up on the streets,
wondering where he is and what happened. Was it really just a dream? Everything hurts so much.

Models: Casper Ellis, Claude Nikotine

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Wriggle In The Playroom

I first met Wriggle at the railway station, he was wearing a well worn two inch wide leather collar that he wore everywhere with long hair that went all the way down to his waist. The first job was to take him to the barbers.
We sat and waited until it was his turn then he sat in the chair and I told the barber that he wanted his hair cut short with just a mohawk. The poor barber gathered a large bunch of hair up at the back of his head and was just about to put the clippers into it, when a lady passing the shop banged on the window and waved her arms. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The poor barber, almost sh*t himself, dropped the hair and stood back. “That’s not his mother?” the barber asked me nervously.
“No, she’s nobody, she’s just having you on. I assured him and he gathered up the hair again.
As he held the clippers he asked. “Are you really sure?”
“Yes I’m sure,” I told him, and with one motion a large clump of hair came away in his hand then dropped on the floor. Then he worked away until Wriggle had his first Mohawk. On the sides of his head, the barber had cut puppy paw prints into the sides of his head. Just as the barber had finished, the little old lady came back up the road. Looked in the shop window, saw Wriggle and put her thumbs up to indicate that she’d approved.

This visit Wriggle arrived at my home then was very quickly taken to the playroom where he quickly stripped and dressed in the crotchless rubber suit that I provided him with. In next to no time, his arms were up. His legs spread and secured in place with a spreader bar. Then I was able to toy with him like a cat with a mouse.

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The Pet

Leather-clad daddy Matthew Anders loves his new toy, and his new toy loves him. Caged and chained, pet-boy Johannes Lars is at the service of his master, and is on his knees ready to do as he’s told like any good slave should. Pushing his thick uncut dick through the bars, Johannes laps at the shaft like sucking on a lollipop. Devouring as much as he can through the strong metal struts. After playing with his smooth pink hole, lubing it up with spit and tasting his boys long thick dick, bearded Matt wants more from his boy and leads him out of the cage and still bent inside, slides his raw dick deep inside the milky-white boy, pulling on his chain collar as he gets him to back up onto him, proving what a cock-hungry pet he really is to his master. Bringing him out of the cage as a treat for taking dick so well, Matthew gets him to bounce on top of that bare dick, feeling the warmth of his shaft penetrate him deeper than before, going balls-deep again and again, the chain of his leash clinking with each bounce, reminding him that he’s under ownership and needs to please his man. Showing his appreciation, daddy Matthew Anders shoots a thick load over Johannes, his open pink hole gratefully taking up every available drop as it’s fucked into him, the sign of a happy master. Allowing his boy to shoot too, Johannes kneels in front of Matt’s leather boots, and covers them with a huge load of thick spunk. Lapping at the fresh load, cleaning his boots of what he just shot over them, Johannes takes up every last drop, leaving the boots shining and his young body full of cum.

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Cute Arse, Waggy and Wild Child at Bonderosa

This session started with Waggy givinging Cute Arse and Wild Child a tour of the slave farm.

Then Wild Child is roped for Waggy to play with before Waggy eventually leaves Wild Child hanging around with a vibrating plastic duck swing from his appendage

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In the woods with Sqwirm

It took a while before the lady on horseback moved off, but after she realised were weren’t doing anymore, she eventually went away and Sqwirm was tied to another tree. This time his best asset was on display for a flogging and another meeting with the pinwheels.

When he was released his hands were cuffed behind him whilst I worked out how he would suffer again.

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slave 33 and slave 17 in More Outdoor Bondage

This is a funny scene. I had just finished tying slave 33 between two trees and slave 17 had just started to tease him when this dog ran up to us. I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t keep the camera still to take a picture as the bewildered dog looked on.

Funnier still, was the dog’s owner saw what was going on, and he took flight, calling for his dog to follow him.

Another album added to the galleries of the totally free site bound4play.co.uk

In the woods with Sqwirm

Too much sitting down isn’t good for a pup. So this time Sqwirm is made to stand up while I tie him between two trees, whilst I torment and tease him. Just a little way into this session the photographer notices the lady on horseback watching us and mentions it. Of course that spooked Sqwirm so I had to release him and let him get dressed until the lady moved off.

Another album added to the galleries of the totally free site bound4play.co.uk

In the woods with Sqwirm

When you’re in the forest, you should take the opportunity to sit on the butt of a felled tree to listen to the tones of the sweet little birds as they sit in the branches and sing.
You can even had to their chorus too, especially if you’re persuaded with the delights of the penis whip being put to good use.
Mind you I do think Sqwirm’s vocals were much more pleasurable to listen to than any birds.

Unbeknown to the others, the lady on horseback was still watching us from a distance

Another album added to the galleries of the totally free site bound4play.co.uk


Alexis Tivoli And Sebastian Kane

Alexis has been secured, splayed and hanging up naked and tempting. Of course Sebastian is in the mood for draining that perfect dick, in his own special way. With the boy smeared with oil and blindfolded his cock is made to throb and dribble with sucking and wanking, and even the painful flogging against his sensitive skin can’t make his dick go back down. There’s only one way this can end, with the master getting his reward and wanking that boys cock until he can’t stop his cum from gushing out!

Lyle Boyce And Ashton Bradley

Lyle enjoys getting fucked, but nothing could prepare him for the anal assault he’s taking from Ashton in this toy play session! He’s been stripped naked and tied to the old dirty bed, his hole on show and his cock there to be played with. Ashton wastes little time, wanking his cock and playing with his smooth pucker before ramming it with his toys! Starting off small he works up to some really big toys too, feeding the boy his big uncut cock, frotting their dicks together and fucking him with everything until he’s wanking his cum out over Lyle! That boy must have been aching for a while after this!

Tyler Jenkins And Harry Alexander

Harry has just arrived but already he’s found himself tied down by a couple of the boys ready to be introduced to lucky Tyler. The horny chav has a plan for this slim young man and his veiny cock, wanking him off and sucking on that hooded dick, drinking his precum and tormenting him with molten wax! The poor boy gets covered in it, his cries ignored as Tyler wanks and sucks his cock to make him cum against his will!

Skyler Dallon And Ashton Bradley

Ashton loves taking control, especially when his subject is a smooth young naked twink like Skyler. The boy has been stripped and chained to a makeshift playpen, a collar around his neck. Starting with some flogging from the master he’s then make to fuck himself with his fingers while Ashton enjoys the show, soon proceeding to massive toys that the twink bottom can seemingly take with some skill! Blindfolded and throbbing with the need to cum Ashton helps him out with some pressure in all the right places!

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