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Xavier Sibley & Sean Taylor

With Xavier naked and hanging by ropes like a puppet, chav boy Sean can’t resist getting in there for some play. The boys cock and balls are his for sucking and wanking as he gets the twink hard, but that’s only the start of the fun. The pin wheel is the perfect tool for tormenting the boy, but the pegs on his balls add to the pleasure for our dominant master. Check it out as Sean rolls those sharp spikes over Xavier’s swollen red helmet! With his cock thick and throbbing he’s milked to the limit, his cum pumping from his dick and splashing to the ground as Sean rips the pegs from his scrotum! It’s an incredibly tortuous wank and suck, but would we expect any less from this dom chav boy?

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Gibber gets his cum-uppence

After Being freed from the puppy box Gibber is put on the floor and roped to endore being gagged with the wooden gag from Master Alex being tied and teased for so long that Flinch’s arms had completely tired so Cute Arse took over from him. But no one wanted to help the Gibber to cum, but one of his hands was freed so he could finish himself!

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In the sun with Tim and Waggy

The sun is really warming up as Tim is restrained and blinded again
before being taken for another walk around the dunes with people
lying on the beach less than 100 yards away. After Tim was hog-tied
Waggy turned his attention to Tim’s feet before being drawn to
tormenting and teasing Tim’s cock and balls

This scene can be found at my totally free site bound4play.co.uk

We’re looking forward to trying to recreate this scene with guys of all ages.
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The First Time for Piggy

Piggy had never been tied before, so he was very nervous when he first begun, but it was
evident from the start that he enjoyed being controlled, the more he was told what to do,
the more he enjoyed it. He was greedy for bondage, so what better than to give him an
appropriate name

It started with the nervous lad restrained on the vertical rack. Subjected to cbt, gag and
hand gagging, nipple clamps, pinwheels, edging and the vibrating duck pecking at his
favourite parts.

The rest of the pictures from this scene can be found at my totally free site bound4play.co.uk



There is something funny about watching a guy in jeopardy positions.  Even though this pup isn’t able to move very much, if the 5 headed pinwheel causes him to flinch whilst his balls are tied to the wrist and ankle stocks he will be forced to pull on his own gonads.

If you’re interested in buying these “Girt Lush” wrist and ankle stocks made by Master Alex. You’ll find he has a page on Dungeon Delights