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Rough and Raw

Careless toy boy Casper Ellis wanders around in the wrong part of town
looking for a free smoke but
everything has a price…
He wakes up in a confused state, chained with nothing on, and no way to escape from his bonds.
He finds himself in a dungeon filled with lots of devious toys which all belong to the merciless master
Claude Nikotine, to whom the shrieks of a helpless subject sound like music.
is kept on edge and gets tortured for hours to become the most willing slave boy Claude could
possibly wish for.
After a long night that fades away as if it were just a nightmare, casper wakes up on the streets,
wondering where he is and what happened. Was it really just a dream? Everything hurts so much.

Models: Casper Ellis, Claude Nikotine

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slave 33 and slave 17 in More Outdoor Bondage

After the scene with the owner and his dog, we decided to call time on the woods and went home for slave 17 take care of his victim in the safety of the bedroom where it would be unlikely for anyone else to be intimidated by our bondage scenes.

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Cute Arse Bound For His First Time.

Watching anyone trapped inside the suspension cage can be a great source of amusement. Anyone suspended inside it is only held in place by THEIR own body weight.

Cute Arse was put inside and he was unable to prevent his cock poking out for me to torment and tease.

Another album added to the galleries of the totally free site bound4play.co.uk

Flinch first time in the playroom – cont.

I quite like the web netting. it’s quite comfy while slack, then it’s suspended and as it is raised, the victims own body weight causes the webbing to tighten around him and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to let Flinch experiencing his own weight restraining him

Another album added to the galleries of the totally free site bound4play.co.uk

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The First Time for Piggy

Piggy had never been tied before, so he was very nervous when he first begun, but it was
evident from the start that he enjoyed being controlled, the more he was told what to do,
the more he enjoyed it. He was greedy for bondage, so what better than to give him an
appropriate name

It started with the nervous lad restrained on the vertical rack. Subjected to cbt, gag and
hand gagging, nipple clamps, pinwheels, edging and the vibrating duck pecking at his
favourite parts.

The rest of the pictures from this scene can be found at my totally free site bound4play.co.uk


In the sun with Tim and Waggy

Whilst viewing tumblr recently, I came across a picture from this great scene in the sun. That prompted me to search out the pictures and put them on my totally free site bound4play.co.uk

Bear in mind we’re looking forward to trying to recreate this scene. If you’re interested in taking part check out the site for more details Bondage party 2015