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Boynapped – Xavier Sibley & Sebastian Kane

Master Sebastian has been working hard preparing this wank for young Xavier. Everything is in place and it’s time to get to work, wrapping up the boy in tight black plastic, roping him up securely and hoisting him up into a horizontal suspended position for the most intense cock stroke he’s ever had! His young uncut cock is poking out of his wrapping, his moans smothered as he endures the slippery cock stroking, finally feeling the cum spew from his helmet as the master rubs and tickles his sensitive dick and makes him unload! Looks like the master wants to see some of the other boys make use of him too, leaving him hanging for someone else to find!

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Puppy Mummified

Weeks ago, we talked about Dynamo Pup being mummified. Well it happened today and he’s taken to it like a pup takes to having a chewy bone(r) to gnaw on.

Now he’s in it, he doesn’t want to come out until he cums. It’s been almost 90 minutes so far. I dare say I’ll relent so he’s out in time to prepare dinner. But there is no guarantee of that.

You can find more pictures of things that happened today bound4play.co.uk


Boynapped – Skyler Dallon And Sebastian Kane

Poor young twink Skyler has no idea what’s in store for him when the master arrives. The blindfolded twink is naked and restrained, then slowly wrapped up in tight plastic with only a tube to breathe through. With his stiff young cock free for servicing the master wanks and sucks him off, drenching his cock in lube and edging him until he’s writhing with pleasure!

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Boynapped – Cameron James And Sebastian Kane

Cameron has no idea what’s in store for him when the master arrives to work the blindfolded boy. He’s hanging by a chain and unable to resist the attention of the master of edging, and soon he’s wrapped in plastic too. His cock is released, hard and drooling, sucked and wanked, eventually made to throb with the power of kinky e-stim! The jolts and wanking have the boy spewing his seed in a thick mess, his naked body trembling with pleasure!

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First Time for Piggy

After his exposure, I decided the little piggy should experience some restriction so I fitted him with a gas mask, then wrapped him catering cling film before covering the entire ensemble with duct tape and completed the look with sporty go-faster stripes down each flank. Then tormented him with cum-denial before eventually allowing him to cum

The rest of the pictures from this scene can be found at my totally free site bound4play.co.uk

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Hopefully, a helpful warning.


We get enough scaremongers warning about what you must and must not do but I found this story posted on a thread on slaveboys site, and felt it appropriate to post it for others to see even a simple mummification scene has the potential to be fatal. This isn’t to say, I (or anyone else) should stop mummification scenes, but I will be aware of yet another risk in future mummification scenario’s


Over the years I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve mummified others without incident. (Generally, I buy 72 rolls of duct tape at a time to take advantage of buying wholesale) I was aware that it does dehydrate most people, but I didn’t realise until now, that it could cause death with such ease.

Because drugs were found at the scene, I suspect they were used and contributed to making things worse. So this story highlights the fact that drugs and sex isn’t a good idea. Personally, I don’t use drugs, not even poppers in my scenes Although, I realise that some guys enjoy a good a hit of the amyl nitrate I am allergic to the stuff but I don’t think that it does any harm when used sensibly. But using stronger substances like, ketamine, cocaine is like asking for trouble.

Fruss Vet Wrapped

Thanks to everyone who gave their advice

Fruss has been here today and experimenting with many different positions. Now it’s well past his bed time so I’ve wrapped him well and left him to sleep, something he’s got very excited about.

For anyone wishing to know out of 20 rolls of Vet Wrap that we started with, there is just one roll left over.

vet wrap 1 vet wrap 2