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Pup Dynamo – Named and Claimed

This week, this 20 year old pup was roaming the streets, so I picked it up and took it home. A little electro torture soon had it very compliant. Anyone who knows me, will know how much I dislike puppy tails, Generally they are a complete waste of time, the pup needs an arse as big as a bus garage to accommodate the plug. But this pups bushy tail has a very small steel plug that he can take comfortably and even sit on.

Hoods are another beef of mine, I like to see the face of the pup when he’s performing his task. To me that has always been the biggest part of puppy play. That is also the feelings of others who have admired the pictures of some of the cute lads I have played with in the past. But this puppy has already invested in his hoods so I have accepted them into our play. One advantage of a hood being worn is if another victim arrives, he can be tortured without ever knowing who’s tortured him!

Yesterday, I claimed the pup as my own, and because he’s able to keep going all night long, I named him Dynamo, so his collar and name tag are locked on.

Pictures have been posted to bound4play

If anyone wants to know more about him, his profile on recon is “bristolson20”