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My newest electro kit

I’ve recently updated my electro kit and have now got a very extensive range, if there are any young (under 35) novice pups who would like to help me gain some experience in using it.

The attachments include a whisk, bi-polar nipple clamps, cock straps, butt plugs, pin wheels, sounds and pads.

Boynapped – Cameron James And Sebastian Kane

Cameron has no idea what’s in store for him when the master arrives to work the blindfolded boy. He’s hanging by a chain and unable to resist the attention of the master of edging, and soon he’s wrapped in plastic too. His cock is released, hard and drooling, sucked and wanked, eventually made to throb with the power of kinky e-stim! The jolts and wanking have the boy spewing his seed in a thick mess, his naked body trembling with pleasure!

Click on this link to go to boynapped