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Tyler Underwood & Mickey Taylor

It’s all about the kinky cock play for Mickey in this latest encounter. Handsome and fit young man Tyler has been prepared for him to enjoy, stripped naked and roped up, his balls tied and anchored to the floor, left hanging there for Mickey to enjoy. He starts out simple enough, sucking the lad’s uncut dick and savoring the taste of his delicious dick, then the toys come out. Some pinwheel action, some tight pinching pegs over his naked torso, then the vibrating wand against his hooded length. The cum is inevitable, with Mickey feeding his new buddy a generous load. Who wouldn’t want to be Mickey’s toy in a session like this?

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Xavier Sibley & Sean Taylor

With Xavier naked and hanging by ropes like a puppet, chav boy Sean can’t resist getting in there for some play. The boys cock and balls are his for sucking and wanking as he gets the twink hard, but that’s only the start of the fun. The pin wheel is the perfect tool for tormenting the boy, but the pegs on his balls add to the pleasure for our dominant master. Check it out as Sean rolls those sharp spikes over Xavier’s swollen red helmet! With his cock thick and throbbing he’s milked to the limit, his cum pumping from his dick and splashing to the ground as Sean rips the pegs from his scrotum! It’s an incredibly tortuous wank and suck, but would we expect any less from this dom chav boy?

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Pup Dynamo in Bum Ring!

Over the last few weeks I’ve trained Pup Dynamo to take spankings with several different implements.

Yesterday I came across some old pictures and persuaded the pup to be the star in a rehash of an old idea.

The first pictures shows his 21 year old arse exposed and waiting for the fun to begin

Then the pegs are added and the pup is spanked. The pegs are removed exposing a neat line where the pegs were used, An unmarked area of white skin that gives way to the red spanked flesh in the centre,




Boynapped – Alexis Tivoli And Ashton Bradley

Cute young new arrival Alexis has been captured and stripped, tied down bent backwards over the large wheel with his big cock on show. Of course, horny Ashton can’t ignore the opportunity to get some play and make that cock cum! Wanking him off and tugging on his balls he gets that cock throbbing in his slippery grip, pegging the boys naked body and stroking him until his cum is gushing out all over! It’s a nice welcome, but things are bound to get more intense for this horny thick-dicked young man

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