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Little Angel Makes Inked Macho to his Fuck Slut

Angel Pierce, young guy in his early 20s is hanging around in the sex club when a tattooed macho shows up and starts hitting on him. The studly dude, Alexx Desley, thinks Angel will be an easy target for a perverse session and starts in straight away groping the lad. Angel’s nowhere near as innocent as he seems though, and soon he has turned the tables! Before he knows what hit him, Alexx finds himself bound to the wall and being made into the little dude’s sex piglet.


Alexx Desley

Angel Pierce

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Young Bastards – Behind The Bars

Behind The Bars

Young Bastards films kinky hardcore action featuring mostly European twinks. Cameraman Lorenz Michel did take his chance to film some extras off the records during the production of Prison Camp.

Cast: Making Of Prison Camp – Behind The Bars

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A Message from 21 year old student, Puppy Dynamo,

I am a regular visitor to RopeMasterUK, so I need to buy another cage to accommodate me during my visits. Also I am looking forward to buying new rubber and leather kit. If will help me tremendously if you’re able to buy membership to any of the sites listed at the playroom as I will get the commission. I promise to post pictures of anything I am able to purchase with your help.

Thank You

Puppy Dynamo


Straight boy displayed

I’ve just found this picture online from many years ago, but I still remember this scene. This lad flew from his home in Ireland with his girlfriend. I met them both at Bristol airport she took his clothes, leaving him only with girly shoes that were too small for him. It didn’t take a lot of persuading to get him into the back of my van as my prisoner for (I think) 4 days. This scene took place at my club Deviant, where he was put on display for the night. Imagine the humiliation of a straight man on display to a lot of gay men,

I am fairly certain he was much more appreciative of his girlfriend when we met her again for her to take him back home to Ireland. Heehee


Buck At Deviant

This nervous 19 year old lad, paid a second visit to me and for his troubles, I took him to Deviant. He was dressed in a boiler suit, locked in steel chastity, tied and hooded in my van then I led him into the club where I stripped and played with him.

This is the first gallery of the totally free site bound4play.co.uk It is my intention to post plenty more pictures soon.