Ass Lock with Dong Plug

The feeling of the warm soft rubber cockring PLUS the rubber dildo plug up your ass is SENSORY OVERLOAD.

Many of our customers have asked for a soft version of our proven stainless steel “Ass-Locks”. Naturally, we were happy to fulfill this desire and had a special version created out of soft, flexible, skin-friendly rubber.

MEO’s “Ass Lock” is worn around the cock and balls, like other cockrings. But what makes this thing so special? That’s simple, because the dildo plug is inserted anally. As a result, you will be erotically stimulated anally with each movement, with each up and down of your cock.

Naturally, the best thing is to wear the “Ass-Lock” all day long – for example when you are going out in the evening. With each step, you will be intensely stimulated and no one will know.

Ass Lock with Dong Plug – Specifications and Benefits:

· Size: Measures approx. 13 cm = 5″ insertable length and 19 cm = 7.5″ in circumference. Dildo diameter = 60 mm = 2 1/3″
· Cockring (inner) diameter 45 mm = 1 3/4“

· Material: rubber
· Color: black
· Consists of a cock ring with a dildo attached
· Can be used for double penetration, if so desired

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