In the woods with Sqwirm

I’m still yearning the days when we were able to play outside. Hence the reason I’m starting this album now.

This time Sqwirm comes with us to a woods, quite a way into the country. Yet again it’s a Saturday when the world and it’s wife choses to visit and walk their dogs, but none of them disturbed us that day. But we were disturbed, all will be told towards the end

After being stripped he was tied to a branch overhead and balls tied to a the same spreader bar that was tied between his spread ankles. Then he was gagged, mouth held open.
Then he was first introduced to the penis whip, which he appeared to be too fond of, so I used the flogger on his inviting torso until his wriggling body had me needing to tickle it.

Just as we ended this session, I noticed a lady on horse back stop quite a distance away. No one else noticed so I just carried on.

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