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My newest electro kit

I’ve recently updated my electro kit and have now got a very extensive range, if there are any young (under 35) novice pups who would like to help me gain some experience in using it.

The attachments include a whisk, bi-polar nipple clamps, cock straps, butt plugs, pin wheels, sounds and pads.

DEVOT : Zipper Mouth Muzzle

Sliding easily over the face, this muzzle is designed to cover your partner’s mouth limiting how much they can speak. The muzzle has a vinyl exterior and nose holes, for breathing or Poppers. The mouth is covered by a zipper closure (Blow Job !). Elastic bands secure the muzzle around the head.

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Team DP

Bottom boy Sam is perched, waiting, expecting and horny in tight Lycra jock shorts. In walks Angel in a jock, socks and trainers looking fit! He bends down and kisses Sam, hands wandering over is tanned muscular bod down to his crotch with his hard dick protruding out the top of his shorts. Angel can’t wait so gets stuck in and puts his mouth around Sam’s throbbing cock. From the other side Kayden walks in to join the fun, also in a hot jock. Sam wants what’s inside so pulls off the front section of his gear, showing Kayden’s long cock in the jock armour and stuffing the whole lot in his gob. Loads of sucking, kissing, threesome train combinations, each more complicated and hot than the last. Time to fuck, Kayden gets Sam on his back and feeds all 9.5″ of cock into his hole, Angel deep dicks his throat in an upside down spit roast but this is only the start of Sam’s stuffing! They plough away at the boy before flipping him over into doggy and Angel takes up the hungry rear, Kayden the front, pushing him down so they can kiss over the top of him as they both hammer at him. Sam sits on top of Kayden, sinking down onto his full hard length, Angel thinks he can squeeze in one more and mounts Sam from behind. Sam yelps in ecstasy but continues to push back into both cocks. All the boys are moaning like crazy, Sam’s tight hole stretched to the limit around both dicks, like pistons pumping their engine of jock-framed arses! Tag teamed and DP’d Sam is still hungry for more!

You can find the pictures from this set on our site at

Or click on this link to find the video


Vet Wrap

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Vet Wrap.

It’s new to me, But my favourite bondage pup, Fruss, who is intending to
visit this weekend is keen to try it.

Last night he order 20 rolls to be delivered here for the weekend. So it
looks as though it’s going to be a good weekend for mummification

Puppy Box

Several years ago, Cute Arse built me a puppy box. Although painted black, it didn’t quite get finished so there is a bit of work needed to the stocks which hold the wrist in place and I don’t have the inclination to complete it.

The box is free to anyone who wants to come and collect it from my Bristol home. But I wish to keep the foam cushion which I made for the base. Although I will sell the cushion if anyone is prepared to pay something toward the cost of the foam and Vinyl cover. £20

puppybox1 puppybox2