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Who Knew?

Come on, own up. Who knew that yesterday was ‘Male Chastity Day’ and why weren’t we told?

If you have an interest in chastity please feel free to join our Chastity Group and post a picture of your locked cock


Male Chastity

I’ve started a new poll in my chastity4males group so if you can add anything to the conversation then please feel free to join and include your opinions or discuss anything about chastity.


Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the chastity4males group:
Guys locked in chastity learn not to get erections especially during sleep. How long were you locked before you stopped getting erections?
Created by: itieustruggle
  1. less than 1 week
  2. more than 1 week but less than two weeks
  3. More than 2 weeks but less than a month
  4. more than a month but less than a year.
  5. longer than a year
  6. I never learned not to get erections whilst in chastity

Lock Down Challenge

With the shops now getting ready for Christmas it’s time to think about getting in training for the Christmas lock down.

So if your chastity device is gathering dust, it’s time to get it down from the shelf. Dusted off and cleaned up. Find your favourite padlock and ALL the keys which fit it. Put each key in a separate envelope, seal each envelope and address it to yourself. I’m well aware that some padlocks have three keys, so don’t try to cheat.

Lock yourself up for 24 hours, When that 24 hours is up, you can free yourself for an hour then clean yourself, lock yourself again and give each envelope to a friend and ask them to hold it for you for between 3 to 7 days, Their choice. With the key in your possession you can free yourself, either privately or in front of willing friends. Your choice. After and hour of total freedom. Clean yourself and lock it back again. Give your keys to friends to look after again, and ask them to hold the keys from 7 to 10 days.

Continue with this procedure until 30th November. You can be free for the entire day on the 30th but lock yourself before the end of the day and give the keys to your friends and ask them to look after the keys for the entire month of December. If your friends are happy with the Christmas gift they received from you they should allow you to have your keys back for New Years Eve. If they weren’t satisfied with the gift they received they should tell you why the present wasn’t acceptable (so you can do better next year) and keep your keys for up to another ten days. Their choice.