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Video’s from Deviant

I ran Deviant, a bondage and fetish club for 12 years. As far as I’m aware Deviant was the first fetish club to not insist on a dress code. As much as I like my leathers, I’ve never believed that BDSM has had to revolved around people dressing up in order to get tied up. Besides Deviant gave a lot of guys the opportunity to experiment with a bondage club without having to shell out for kit to get started.

Over the 12 years I met a lot of very interesting guys. Many of them very memorable. But one guy in particular was a guy called Sam, from London who would visit at times in order to make videos. I’ve just posted some of his videos of Rascal training Sqwirm to be a puppy at Deviant’s Dog Show.

You can find the videos at

Doggy Play and Ass Stretching in Latex

Abraham Montenegro and his doggy Cristian Martin show off their hot black and red latex gear. In his dog box, the eager pup is up for all kinds of dirty deeds: a beer shower, ass gaping with a speculum, training, monster dildos, piss and a cum facial keep both the dog and his master happy.

Cast: Abraham Montenegro, Cristian Martin

For more pictures and a video of this scene check out our site here

Young Dude Roughly Dominated by XL Muscleman

The cheeky puppy Rafa gets teased by muscle macho Aday Traun. On all fours on his leash he’s first pissed over in his cage – full stream right in his face! To top it off the piss pole gets sucked hard and underdog Rafa has to show how good can work his cocksucking mouth. The fun’s over there and the tattooed mucleman Aday turns Rafa in a devoted mutt who has to take a hard fucking, slime and even more piss…

Cast: Aday Traun, Rafa Marco

For more pictures and a video of these scenes check out site here

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Young Bastards – Fresh blood twink spanked, humiliated and used as a fuck whore

Abraham Montenegro can be a real nasty macho when he gets fucking. He just loves to dominate other dudes and turn them into his sluts. Shy and inexperienced Alex is just what he’s after! The young twink first has to lick Abraham‘s feet clean and then eat dogfood straight from the bowl. When Alex starts to play up he gets a couple of heavy slaps and a wad of slimy spit. His disciplining continues with his ass getting paddled – his tiny cunt glows as red as a stop sign! Horny as fuck, Abraham rams his fat dick first into his mouth and then into his boypussy!

For more pictures and a video of these scenes check out our playroom

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Channel 4 T.V. 10pm Weds The Secret Life of the Human Pups

This message is intended for British Viewers So if you’re an American, please don’t complain if you can’t receive the programme.

The programme is on Channel 4 at 10pm Weds 25th May.

Pup Dynamo has taken part in this documentary and I’m told the trailer for it is good.

I have to say that reading the write up about the programme it appears this documentary has been filmed by a bunch of amateurs who haven’t done their research.

– – – – – – – – –
The programme is called:
The Secret Life of the Human Pups

A remarkable behind the scenes look at the hidden world of human pups: a secretive subculture of men who dress and behave like dogs. Why do they covet doggy treats, belly rubs and squeaky toys?

In the UK, there are estimated to be 10,000 human pups: men who dress in elaborate dog suits and behave like dogs. This remarkable documentary explores their hidden world.
– – – – – – – – –
Don’t get me wrong, I know that puppy play has changed over the last few years, because of the greedy people who have exploited the opportunity to sell lumps of rubber for pups to shove up their arse. But to my knowledge puppy play is far less secretive than wife swapping, bondage, watersports or any other fetish activity, so I fail to see why the Producers have to attempt to suggest puppy play is akin to a dirty raincoat activity.  But I will reserve judgement until I’ve seen the show and just hope the show is more accurate than their description.

Pup Dynamo – Named and Claimed

This week, this 20 year old pup was roaming the streets, so I picked it up and took it home. A little electro torture soon had it very compliant. Anyone who knows me, will know how much I dislike puppy tails, Generally they are a complete waste of time, the pup needs an arse as big as a bus garage to accommodate the plug. But this pups bushy tail has a very small steel plug that he can take comfortably and even sit on.

Hoods are another beef of mine, I like to see the face of the pup when he’s performing his task. To me that has always been the biggest part of puppy play. That is also the feelings of others who have admired the pictures of some of the cute lads I have played with in the past. But this puppy has already invested in his hoods so I have accepted them into our play. One advantage of a hood being worn is if another victim arrives, he can be tortured without ever knowing who’s tortured him!

Yesterday, I claimed the pup as my own, and because he’s able to keep going all night long, I named him Dynamo, so his collar and name tag are locked on.

Pictures have been posted to bound4play

If anyone wants to know more about him, his profile on recon is “bristolson20”

Deuce and Puffer at HARD

I often see this old image floating around the internet, and I still have pleasant memories of taking a very nervous Duece to my club HARD where he was worked on infront of others. Then Puffer arrived and we had them playing doggy infront of a large crowd of guys dressed in fetish kit. Of course this was the good old days when pups were pups without the need of hoods and tails. A handler could give a command and see the reaction to that command in the pups face!
Sadly, they don’t make pups like that anymore

The story behind this picture has started at bound4play

Deuce and Puffer

Whilst looking through tumblr earlier I came across a picture of this horny pair of pups. It prompted me to have a poke around my hard drives and search for more.

Neither of these pups had ever done anything with BDSM before, so they were very brave to have their very first session in front of a crowd of people.

Within seconds of meeting, they were both stripped and made to kneel in the bar:




Puppy Training …

… at its best

For me, this is real Puppy Training. Much better when everyone is able to see the reaction and expressions on the pups face.

The profiteers ruined puppy play when they started introducing those silly dog shaped hoods at extortionate prices.

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