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Goodbye to 2016. Lows – Highs and Lows – It’s all gone to pot

This year started with my very best friend of all time, being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and told he had a year to live, even with Chemo. He still went ahead with months of Chemotherapy treatment.

On the Wednesday before Christmas he was given the all clear. So he is now looking forward to getting back to full health and having a good life.

Since the 90’s my musical taste has been through many changes. 2012 my youngest brother died of lung cancer. Not everything,  but much of what he did in his life. (Especially the weed and long hair.) Often brought Willie Nelson to mind. In his death, hearing Willie Nelson brought my brother to mind. Then two years ago, another of my younger brothers died, a victim of a tumour.  His coffin was carried into the Crematorium while this song played. When the service was over the curtain was drawn around the coffin whilst this song played. Those two songs were so well suited to my brothers life. Whenever I hear them, I’m reminded of both brothers that I lost early. And it got me into listening to similar music. So for quite a while now, my musical taste has turned towards the talents of The Great Waylon Jennings Merle Haggard Kris Kristofferson and the awesome Willie Nelson Although I have never been dependent on the green stuff. I have found some amusing songs about weed like this song by Toby Keith and Scot Emerick. Another is this song by Willie and Merle. And who can’t appreciate the fantastic Dr Hook with I Got Stoned and I missed it!

Since the 60’s I have been a fan of the Wurzels when their creator’s (Adge Cutler) first single was made famous because the BBC banned the ‘B’ Side. Like many people of all ages, I’m still a fan today. At the same time, I’ve been a fan of the Quo, since their beginning in the 60’s. Last Friday, I was alone at home all day, and my closest neighbours were away. So my house rocked with music from Status Quo. the worlds most under-rated band.That grungy sound of the stacks of Marshall valve amplifiers, which is associated with The Quo sound. Blared through the house for most of the day. There is only one way to listen The Quo. FULL FUCKING VOLUME! Shake the cobwebs from the rafters.
If you don’t move to The Quo, don’t bother the doctor. Call the undertaker, You’re Dead!

Many of the more mature people will know The Quo opened the 1985 Band Aid Concert with their Rocking all over the world

What a difference a day makes. On Saturday, I dug out an old Quo CD and played it at full blast whilst I sped down the M5 to visit family in Somerset. There, I got the news that Rick Parfitt had died on Thursday. For those who don’t know, Rick Parfitt is one of the founder members of Status Quo from the 60’s. Like millions of their army of fans, I’m DEVASTED! when I think that Rick won’t be Rollin’ Home or In the Army anymore. But at least Francis Rossi is insisting that “I ain’t moving to Heartbreak Town – The party ain’t over yet.”

After taking DynamoPup to work this morning, I came home to find the neighbours are out. If you’re visiting me today. Don’t bother knocking, just let yourself in and put the kettle on, because I won’t hear you. Guess who’s house is rocking!

Cute Arse, Waggy and Wild Child at Bonderosa

This session started with Waggy givinging Cute Arse and Wild Child a tour of the slave farm.

Then Wild Child is roped for Waggy to play with before Waggy eventually leaves Wild Child hanging around with a vibrating plastic duck swing from his appendage

Another album added to the galleries of the totally free site

Houseboy position / Bristol, England

Master with 21 year old, messy, alpha pup, needs a regular, obedient
houseboy of any age.

Probably a bit late for this year, but it may suit a local student as
we’re prepared to offer your own rent-free bedroom (Just share the
bills) in exchange for keeping our home in good order.

Apply Here


PupDynamo and I are looking to find a good houseboy. Experience or willingness to do an excellent job is very important. As is having a good body that isn’t overweight. We don’t want someone who’s likely to sweat in our kitchen whilst cooking our dinner.

Click Here to Apply

If you have an interest in having or being a houseboy please visit our houseboi group on Yahoo and put your details in the database

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Site Of The Week

Forced Strip Searched At Strip Search Hell

Hardened criminals are totally humiliated by the ritual of strip searches. It is heartless cruel punishment and richly deserved as these men have no choice but submit to invasive and degrading naked inspections. Ill treatment at the hands of thoughtless sadistic guards and all captured on video for your entertainment.

You need have no sympathy as you watch video after video of unrelenting humiliation. These men knew that their punishment would be harsh but probably didn’t realise total nudity would be mandatory. They gave up their rights the moment they broke the law, don’t you think?!

Find Out More Here

Puppy Mummified

Weeks ago, we talked about Dynamo Pup being mummified. Well it happened today and he’s taken to it like a pup takes to having a chewy bone(r) to gnaw on.

Now he’s in it, he doesn’t want to come out until he cums. It’s been almost 90 minutes so far. I dare say I’ll relent so he’s out in time to prepare dinner. But there is no guarantee of that.

You can find more pictures of things that happened today


Pup Dynamo in Bum Ring!

Over the last few weeks I’ve trained Pup Dynamo to take spankings with several different implements.

Yesterday I came across some old pictures and persuaded the pup to be the star in a rehash of an old idea.

The first pictures shows his 21 year old arse exposed and waiting for the fun to begin

Then the pegs are added and the pup is spanked. The pegs are removed exposing a neat line where the pegs were used, An unmarked area of white skin that gives way to the red spanked flesh in the centre,




Dynamo says “Thank You!”


Dynamo would like to thank everyone who has bought membership from the links on the playroom.

Recent sales have helped him to buy the rubber tee shirt whilst we were in London last weekend.

Having won a rubber gag at Collared on Saturday night, along with other bits that he’s been collecting along the way, his kit is growing along with the line of guys who are queuing up for him to practise his ‘Alpha Pup’ skills

He’s hoping to earn enough cash to buy his cage in the very near future.