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When two hot couples get together for a night out, they definitely end up in a hot and steamy
foursome. Or at leat, that’s what our boys do. Super hung and straight looking Master Aaron with his
cute twinkly boyfriend Clyde Walton are watching how Dylan Blake starts sucking off Claude
Nikotine’s big twink cock.
When the cocks come out they all quickly get hungry for each other’s holes, waiting to be filled after
which our hungry cum slut Dylan decides to have his friends shoot their cum all over his face in a
bukkake-style circle jerk.


Tops: Claude Nikotine, Master Aaron

Bottoms: Clyde Walton, Dylan Blake

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Rough and Raw

Careless toy boy Casper Ellis wanders around in the wrong part of town
looking for a free smoke but
everything has a price…
He wakes up in a confused state, chained with nothing on, and no way to escape from his bonds.
He finds himself in a dungeon filled with lots of devious toys which all belong to the merciless master
Claude Nikotine, to whom the shrieks of a helpless subject sound like music.
is kept on edge and gets tortured for hours to become the most willing slave boy Claude could
possibly wish for.
After a long night that fades away as if it were just a nightmare, casper wakes up on the streets,
wondering where he is and what happened. Was it really just a dream? Everything hurts so much.

Models: Casper Ellis, Claude Nikotine

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Slave bottom Paul gets the cum he needs

Doryann Marguet is an excellent master. Every sub in the city wants to be on the receiving end of his aggressive uncut cock and those thick and messy cum loads. Paul Burning is the lucky recipient of that delicious tool in this hardcore visit, having been stripped naked and tied up, he’s been waiting for the inevitable for some time. Finally his dom has arrived, looking angry, and incredibly horny too. Doryann wastes little time asserting his authority, taking control of his slave bottom with his hard dick, spitting in his face, slapping him with his boner, stuffing his mouth with cock and making him worship that dribbling shaft the way he demands it be worshiped. With a little probing of that tight hole the master signals that it’s time for his bitch to take that dick, and that’s exactly what our slave bottom does. After being pounded in several deep positions he gets his delicious reward; hot oozing cum flooding from the master’s cock, for him to drink.

Cast: Doryann Marguet, Paul Burning

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Young Alban Collins roughened up by 00SEX’s fuck-pole

The adventure continues in Agent X! Alban Collins (Guillermo Cruz), young cock-sucker and property of villain Gustav, decides to help agent Craig 00SEX (Doryann Marguet) fulfil his mission. He meets up with the fully loaded agent hoping to get a taste of his juicy weapon, and his hole makes the perfect target for a shooting session!

Models: Doryann Marguet, Guillermo Cruz

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Tyler Underwood & Mickey Taylor

It’s all about the kinky cock play for Mickey in this latest encounter. Handsome and fit young man Tyler has been prepared for him to enjoy, stripped naked and roped up, his balls tied and anchored to the floor, left hanging there for Mickey to enjoy. He starts out simple enough, sucking the lad’s uncut dick and savoring the taste of his delicious dick, then the toys come out. Some pinwheel action, some tight pinching pegs over his naked torso, then the vibrating wand against his hooded length. The cum is inevitable, with Mickey feeding his new buddy a generous load. Who wouldn’t want to be Mickey’s toy in a session like this?

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Kamyk Walker & Jack Taylor

Gorgeous and fit young Jack loves sucking cock and wanking guys off, he really enjoys edging hard dicks and making lads moan and groan with pleasure. Lucky Kamyk is the one getting some special treatment from the handsome lad in this session, naked and bent backwards, his cock solid and dripping from the start. Jack gets to work quickly, sucking and stroking that throbbing tool, feeding the lucky young man his own gorgeous length, dripping hot molten wax all over the boy’s naked body and finally rubbing Kamyk’s uncut dick until his semen is gushing out all over! Wow, we would all gladly be in either role for this one!

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Chavs Tie Up And Fuck Young Barkeeper

Two chavs are looking for trouble and start messing with a young bartender. Little Ruben doesn’t stand a chance against the two of them. He’s doused with beer, spat on and forced to lick his bar clean. That’s just the beginning of their torturous plans for him, though. The innocent twink get bound and hung up. The chavs stuff his resisting mouth full with their fat cocks and then take turns fucking him through and through. Of course the rough dudes use their status and control to end the session by blasting the twink’s face full of cum.

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Michael Wyatt & Sebastian Kane

Everyone knows master Kane prefers his boys smooth. Michael should have thought about that and expected this to happen. A couple of the other lads managed to get Michael naked and roped up on the new rack on the wall and now the master has arrived to prepare the young man for some smooth fun a little later. Watch the blindfolded young man being stripped of all his fur, from his cock to his pits to his tight little arse! The plug up his butt is just to keep him ready for later!

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Cute Arse and slave 17b in the playroom

Slave 17b wears the steel cuffs and cock ring from Master Alex’s Steel Range which are available from Dungeon Delights Then his wrist are hoisted skyward and a spreader bar binds his ankles.
Then Cute Arse delights in using an assortment of instruments on him to Torment, torture and tease him.

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Video’s from Deviant

I ran Deviant, a bondage and fetish club for 12 years. As far as I’m aware Deviant was the first fetish club to not insist on a dress code. As much as I like my leathers, I’ve never believed that BDSM has had to revolved around people dressing up in order to get tied up. Besides Deviant gave a lot of guys the opportunity to experiment with a bondage club without having to shell out for kit to get started.

Over the 12 years I met a lot of very interesting guys. Many of them very memorable. But one guy in particular was a guy called Sam, from London who would visit at times in order to make videos. I’ve just posted some of his videos of Rascal training Sqwirm to be a puppy at Deviant’s Dog Show.

You can find the videos at